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Tomorrow Dies Today is an asymmetrical strategy board game for 1-7 players. Take on the role of a Supervillain or one of his top Henchmen.  Solo, Co-Op, Team vs. Team, and Competitive game play options are all available to pursue your agenda of world domination!


Characters & Stories


Game Modes/Mechanics


* 1-7 Players with 9 Metal Miniatures

* Manage the organization as the Supervillain, or go out into the field as a Henchman

* Negotiate and form temporary alliances

* Plot out 3 moves at a time

* Use decoys to fool enemies 

* Betray the organization if things aren't going well


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Cast of Characters

The Villains of Tomorrow Dies Today

Each character has their own strengths and personalities. Asymmetrical builds give you a new experience every time you play


Some people are born socialites. They can instinctively win over crowds and woo members of the opposite sex… Archibald is not one of those people. In exchange for his social inadequacies, Archibald was blessed with a gifted mind for science. Over the years Archibald has designed a great many evil devices for General Goodman.

Archibald Kluge

Missions and Doomsday Plans

Gather Infamy

Recruit Faceless Henchmen 


Prepare for your Doomsday Plan

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With three game modes, Tomorrow Dies Today provides its players with endless opportunities to take over the world like a true Supervillain.

Cutthroat - 4-7 Players, Competitive/Cooperative Hybrid - 1 Player takes on the role of General Goodman, the infamous Supervillain. 3-6 Players take on the role of his top Henchmen, all with their own strengths and personalities. 

General Goodman wins if he completes his Doomsday Plan (1 of 5 secret options) before the Doomsday Clock gets to 0. However, Goodman has no pieces on the board, and must influence other Henchmen to do what must be done.


Upon completion of the Doomsday Plan, the Henchman with the most VP (Villain Prestige) achieves victory among their peers. However, a Henchman may betray the organization under certain conditions, at which point their goal is to get the Doomsday Clock to 0. If they succeed, they win and everyone else loses. 


This game mode is an intense mix of strategy, negotiation, temporary alliances, and betrayal.

Syndicate - A fully cooperative experience for 1-6 players. Work together to complete General Goodman's Doomsday Plans before the Doomsday Clock runs out and the authorities topple the evil organization.

Mayhem - Up to three teams (2-6 players) of independent Henchmen try to earn the favor of the notorious Supervillain taking over the world. Whoever achieves the most VP (Villain Prestige) in six rounds gets to join the new world order

Players pick from a collection of nine archetypal villains, all with their own unique abilities and personalities. They then collectively build the board (War Map), choose objectives, and pursue a strategy best fit to their character.


There are no dice to roll. When a card is drawn, you draw multiple and choose one. The focus on this game is on the strategies you put in place, and less on random chance. 

Individual Backstories and Goals

Each character has their own unique backstory, goals, and betrayal triggers. This helps you get in the character's head and guide your actions appropriately.

In addition, each character has their own reasons to be disgruntled with the organization. In Syndicate and Mayhem modes, this translates into negative VP (Villain Prestige). In Cutthroat, characters can betray the organization and work against the rest of the players as a last resort.

Game Modes


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