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Made Men is a 1920's Mafia Tabletop RPG, and is currently listed as a Best Seller on DriveThruRPG! Recruit a gang, extort the city, and establish dominance over other crime families.

The mechanics revolve around a d10 system using Target Numbers (TN's), variable damage types to allow for lethal and non-lethal combat, and economy rules to allow characters to specialize in business/empire growth.

See the sections below for more details!

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What Can You Do In Made Men?


Families use violence to add severity to their communications.

Made Men allows combatants to choose their level of lethality with three different damage types, a host of weapons, and an array of combat abilities. The various combinations give players options to scale their encounters and give more strategic, predictable outcomes.

Send a message to an opposing Family by giving a few of their Connected Guys a beating and sending them home, or start a war by unloading on a Made Man and leaving him dead in the street.


How Do I Buy My Copy?!

Also, can I download a Character Sheet?

Made Men is currently listed on two different providers. Due to formatting requirements it is available in Hard Copy via Amazon, and PDF on DriveThruRPG.

Also, for your convenience, the PDF character sheet can be downloaded from the below link!

PDF Only

Listed as a DriveThruRPG Best Seller!


Character Sheet

Download a copy of the PDF character sheet here!

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