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Dresden Files LARP
Player Document

The below contains important logistics, faction, and game mechanics information for our game.

For offline reference, here is a copy in Google Docs.


Closest Airport 


Denver International Airport




Grant-Humphreys Mansion

770 Pennsylvania St

Denver, CO 80203


Lodging Suggestions

Ember Hostel - 15 minute walk

Renaissance Hotel - 10 minute drive
* Current quote (still working with hotel)
-- February: Event: $162 per night, plus 15.75% Hotel Sales/Occupancy Tax

-- March Event: $180 per night, plus 15.75% Hotel Sales/Occupancy Tax


Event Dates

President's Day Weekend

February 13-16, 2025 (Run 1)

March 13-16, 2025 (Run 2)

Other Dates

1/28/24 - 1/31/24 - Down Payment Due ($150)

June 2024 - Character Casting

6/1/2024 - Balance Payment Due ($400)

November 2024 - Full Character Sheet

Refund Policy

For transparency, we have payment deadlines in place to ensure the staff is not out of pocket on contracts signed with our site and vendors. Furthermore, weird tax events occur with direct refunds.


For that reason, we will work with a player who requests a refund on a best-efforts basis to find a player off the waitlist (or a new applicant if properly screened) to take their spot. If such can be arranged, the new player can exchange funds with the one requesting the refund to secure their spot. This replacement does require Staff approval due to our applicant screening process.


No external food allowed on site (safety/medical snacks will be available)

Buffet-style lunches at Logan Street Restaurant & Bar


Expected Participant Count


On-Site Staff: 8

NPC’s: 7-15

Players: 75-100


Factions Represented

  1. Independents/Lesser Powers

  2. Summer Court (Seelie)

  3. Winter Court (Unseelie)

  4. Black Court Vampires

  5. Red Court Vampires

  6. White Court Vampires

  7. White Council



The world is taking a collective breath after the Great War. The mortal realm bore the brunt of immense suffering, with supernatural struggles playing a significant role in triggering and exacerbating the conflict. 


The necromancer Kemmler wrought unprecedented destruction, leaving scars on the fabric of reality. Banana republics are being fiercely contested, revolutions are toppling long-standing monarchies, and mobsters are weaving intricate empires from the shadows.


Yet, amidst the tumultuous echoes of war, a flicker of hope ignites once again. The Roaring 20’s bring whispered promises of a kinder world. Lovers, long separated by the ravages of conflict, find solace in each other's arms. Family businesses, rising from the ashes of destruction, stand as monuments of resilience. Stakes in social progress are firmly planted, with the burgeoning promise to better humanity.


However, this newfound hope is not without its challenges. Scores from the Red Court’s talons can be seen in the wreckage of revolutions. The Fae gleefully sell fame and skill, knocking tenuous balances struck by the White Court and the White Council askew. The clandestine power struggles of the mafia become a force recognized by all, paving new battlegrounds for supernatural conflicts. As the world attempts to heal, the delicate balance between progress and peril teeters on the edge, offering both the promise of renewal and the threat of looming chaos.


Faction Guide


All characters will have individual wants, needs, relationships, and driving goals. However, one can assume certain themes will follow certain factions and archetypes. Keep that caveat in mind as you read the below!


Independent/Lesser Powers


Themes: Variable

Potential Triggers: Persecution, Overpowered, Lack of Community


Without the strength of a supernatural organization, you are an underdog. Your story is one of struggles caused by lack of power, being outcast from polite society, being grossly outnumbered, or striving for acceptance amongst your “betters.” 

Mortals, sorcerers, werewolves, Changelings, those who have made pacts for power, even Denarians and Knights of the Cross fall into this category.

Summer Court (Seelie)


Themes: Power at a price, servitude, subtle cruelty, polite veneer, life and growth

Potential Triggers: Children, Sadism, Manipulation, Bondage & Servitude


Anyone who believes there are "good fae" haven’t spent enough time around them. While the Summer court has a warmer, nicer reputation, they are still masters of manipulation, fickle, and compelled to spill blood for their cause. Just because they radiate warmth and have a beautiful smile doesn’t make their words any less barbed or their intentions more friendly. 


From the Summer Queen to the Changeling spawn of the court, the Seelie stand in balance of Winter and promote the growth of life (which is not always a good thing).

Winter Court (Unseelie)


Themes: Power at a price, servitude, overt cruelty, cold manipulation, survival

Potential Triggers: Children, Sadism, Manipulation, Bondage & Servitude


“Winter’s nature was beautiful violence, stark clarity, the most feral needs and animal desires and killer instinct pitted against the season of cold and death—the will and desire to fight, to live, even when there was no shelter, no warmth, no respite, no hope, and no help.”


From the Winter Queen to the Changeling spawn of the court, the Unseelie stand in balance of Summer and promote survival (which isn’t always friendly). 


Vampire - Black Court


Themes: Recovery from Trauma, Open Monstrocity, Vengeance
Potential Triggers: Genocide, Persecution, Loss, Mental Violation

It has been 25 years since Bram Stoker’s Dracula was released, laying bare the Black Court’s weaknesses for all to read. Now even ignorant mortals have heard stories of how to identify and kill vampires…so long as that vampire is of the Black Court.

The survivors of the purge of the Black Court have lost their pride, sold their dignity in exchange for any safety they can arrange, and are seething with hatred for those responsible for their destruction.


Vampire - Red Court


Themes: Addiction (blood), Political Intrigue/Heirarchy, Dominance/Predation, Violence, Hidden Monstrosity
Potential Triggers: Addiction, Brutality, Manipulation, Corruption


Based in South America, the Red Court has spread its influence all over the world through criminal organizations, fear, and brute force. The Red King has used conflict around the globe to sink his talons in and gain purchase in new territories. From the Banana Wars to the Bolshevik Revolution to America’s Prohibition, the Red Court’s agents have been present to take advantage of the chaos. 


Vampire - White Court


Themes: Predators (Lust, Fear, Despair), Social Manipulation, Deceit, Loveable Villains

Potential Triggers: Sexual Assault, Self Harm, Panic/Anxiety


With three factions vying for power, the White Court is the most internally unstable Vampire court, though no one would know from looking from the outside. These beautiful predators can feed on mortals without a trace, though some enjoy excess and leave their victims cold. They use their powers to exert influence over mortals and seize control from the shadows of their institutions.


The Raith, Malvora, and Skavis families are "loyal" to the White King, and will actively oppose enemies of their court… even if subtle betrayals are expected amongst their ranks. 


White Council


Themes: Hierarchy/Tradition, Power and Restraint, Arbitration, Spirituality, Post-War Fatigue

Potential Triggers: Abuse of Power, Insanity, Loss


The esteemed White Council of Wizards boasts smaller numbers than most other factions, though each individual has significant power at their beck and call. Unfortunately, the recent struggle with the Necromancer Kemmler has left the Council broken. While the Wizards are by no means easy prey, they are not looking for additional conflict. 


With members from around the globe, many different cultures are represented within the White Council, though they effectively divorce themselves from their origins when larger conflicts arise. 




In summary, this is a near-Nordic LARP. While certain cues and guiding words will be used to help guide negotiations, every conflict will be resolved via negotiation between players. Staff will be on hand to help mediate as necessary, but we will strongly encourage and empower players to make the best narrative decision for the participants’ experience.


While we will not be using a formal mechanic system, those familiar with the FATE system used in the Dresden Files TTRPG will see where we drew inspiration.


Fate and Power


A cold chill shot up their spine as the woman rounded the corner, and it had nothing to do with the sudden drop in temperature…


Some individuals are granted power, while others have the capability to invoke free will and bring about change. But the two tend to balance, giving a symbiotic relationship between various supernatural powers and the mortal kith.


Fate and Power will be represented by bracelets worn on the left (Power) and right (Fate) wrists. This allows for a player to get a sense with a glance of who is standing before them. A mortal encountering Mab for the first time would feel her awesome aura of power, while the Queen of Winter may sense a mortal’s potential impact on the world. 


Neither of these will have a firm mechanic, but rather are there to help guide negotiations. Players are never compelled to accept a negotiation based on Power/Fate, though they should take those indicators into account to help negotiate a fun and reasonable outcome.




Oh, you poor little morsel… you have the stink of the Red Court on you.


Supernatural entities may have ways of setting hooks in their prey, and others may have the ability to sense that influence. This could manifest in a supernatural sense, or a change in behavior caught by mundane observation. 


Players will have information in their character document that give them an idea of what they could know about, but it is ultimately the decision of the player whether or not they would notice the influence on the other party. If in doubt, lean towards what creates the most drama/fun for all parties in the scene.




As mentioned above, all conflicts will be resolved via negotiation. Each of you will be Directors of your character as they fulfill their part of a greater story. While pre-planning scenes is discouraged, pre-negotiation is allowed if a known conflict is approaching and the participants want the execution to go smoothly. The objective should always be quick, but deliberate and considerate decisions made to keep the story moving. 


A common fear for those not familiar with this style is rooted in trust. If a player approaches a negotiation in bad faith, it can spoil the experience for others. We will be demonstrating the effectiveness of these techniques in pre-game workshops, but also encourage you to focus on the practical truths. We are all here to provide a good time for each other, and the best stories will come from those who actively promote the experiences of their scene partners. Those who make sacrifices (also known as Play to Lose) and give ground to make a scene fun for others find themselves propped up and sought after in the future. This is a community that builds on itself and lives on the reputation of its participants.

Key Words

As a general rule, explanations and questions should stay in character. If you are confused in real life, you wouldn't 'go out of character' and ask for clarification, you'd just ask! This is the behavior we want to encourage, making the game as seamless and immersive as possible.

Candidly - This code word signifies 'I'm lost OOC, please help' and/or 'please clarify this world lore'. Again, just asking normally is preferred, but if you are in a situation where your character should know something and the player does not, this word signifies the character are not trying anything sneaky, the player just needs help.



Merlin - "We must keep our eyes out for doppelgangers, they could be any one of us! This is not my first time handling them as Merlin, and it won't be the last."

Gatekeeper - "Speaking of, how long have you been the Merlin?"

Merlin eyes him suspiciously - "Gatekeeper... you've been a member of the White Council since my ascension..."

Gatekeeper - "Candidly, I am simply having a forgetful moment, could you please refresh me?"

Merlin - "Oh, of course."

It Can Be Seen/It Is Known - Not everyone knows all the world lore, especially when we're creating a bunch of new stuff for a short game. To avoid OOC confusion and unnecessary IC debate, a stipulated fact of the world can be stated with 'It can be seen' or 'It is known'. Remember, the default is to explain in character as normal, but these keywords are an OOC affirmation that the statement is a known fact in the world. This is not meant to be a way to prove your character is not lying about a concealed fact/disputed situation, but rather to confirm any confusion over this IC matter is due to lack of OOC knowledge about the setting.



Wizard - "If you agree to these terms, we will release the Great Lord Kukulcan to your custody."

Red Court - "I am unfamiliar with this Lord..."

Wizard - "They are also known as the Red King."

Red Court, whose player is unaware of that name, but whose character would not be tricked if a false name was given - "Is it known this is their name?"

Wizard - "Yes, it is known Great Lord Kukulcan is the Red King." This confirms OOC to the Red Court player this is a known fact in the world.

Mobster - "Oh my god, someone help!"

Fae runs in - "What is the matter?"

Mobster, while holding a handkerchief to his nose - "Thank god you're here! As it can be seen, I've been badly beaten up and my clothes are torn up. Can you help me?!"

For the above, if there is a planned scene/encounter, we recommend getting appropriate props, costume changes, etc. to create a 'show don't tell' for new entrants to the scene, however in the event something spontaneous happens, the above can quickly clarify what folks are seeing.

Faction Guide

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Safely enjoying the content of the weekend is paramount. This document will illustrate how players can navigate difficult themes

The 1920's and Dresden Files both have iconic looks. This document will assist you in rising to meet the costuming challenges of the time period and game setting

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