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A Love Letter to 80/90's Sci-Fi Action Movies and Games

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SCI-FI 4X Tabletop RPG

eXplore the galaxy

eXploit local resources and build a colony

eXpand with research and politics

eXterminate all threats


Nuke it From Orbit pays homage to our favorite 80's/90's sci-fi action movies and games while offering a unique setting to explore, build, politic, and hunt bugs. NiFO allows groups to focus campaigns on the aspects of fun they crave, and ignore the stuff they don't care about.




It is the late 25th century. The digital virus known as The Plague has fractured the Helian Union's power, causing struggles in an otherwise stable government for the first time in centuries. Though the Union focuses on its people's needs, independent factions and greedy corporations are taking advantage of the cracks spreading through the infrastructure, using the instability to form power blocs of their own.

If that wasn't enough, Alpha Centauri is infested by Host, a bug-like species that decimates human colonies, and a species of anthropomorphic animals able to traverse the stars have started pirating Union and Corporate vessels alike. Humanity is reaching a time of great strife and disharmony once again.

NiFO offers two modes of play

  • Primary - Casual mechanics for story-focused players

  • Citizen - Advanced mechanics with detailed 4X options


There are over a dozen star systems colonized by humanity, though not all systems are created equal.


Generate encounters from failing equipment to marauding pirates. The Vast is appropriately named, and enterprising (or desperate) explorers may risk everything to discover new planets, or tangle with the devils they know.


The Helian Union provides basic needs for humanity, but the ambitious still seek out personal wealth.


From asteroid mining facilities to newly terraformed planets, humanity is constantly expanding. Build custom structures, manage squads of workers, and harvest resources to build your colony's wealth.


The Plague limits technological transportation, though brilliant entertainment devices, cybernetics, and local transports are produced within quarantined areas.


Technology advancements and political acumen are tools of the powerful. Establish your power base as a Helian Union Advocate, a Corporate Executive, or an independent faction. The Plague has caused logistical nightmares for the Union, which in turn has provided opportunities for the ambitious.

Host Fight Small.png

The Host have infested Alpha Centauri, creating dangers among the most profitable planets controlled by the Union.

Tactical choices, weapon customization, and an Action Point system offer strategic flexibility. Fight as a unit of heroes, or train up an army to fight all-out wars.


Release Date

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We will likely be doing our initial sales campaign on Kickstarter! Sign up to be notified when we're ready to launch, and follow our Facebook page for more consistent updates.

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