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A Dystopia Rising Game

Post-Apocalyptic Board Game

The zombie apocalypse has ravaged the world for generations. Survivors like yourself band together, forming settlements to protect against the undead, mutated, and marauding gangs. A horde of zombies has overrun your home, forcing you and your followers to pack up a caravan and race to safety. Lead them through unique landscapes, overcome story-based challenges, manage your resources, and try to find a new place to put down roots before your fuel runs out and the Horde catches up to you.

Over 100 unique story encounters challenge 1-5 players to work cooperatively in the Wastes. Manage the safety of your survivors and resources while trying to find a new home. The game ends with the foundation of a new settlement on one of 36 terrain tiles. The group scores based on their final location, remaining resources, survivors, and how much of the Horde is still chasing them.

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Survivors takes place on seven hex tiles which change with every move/round of the game. Players occupy a caravan desperately running away from a zombie Horde, fending off hazards of the road, and looking for a new place to set down roots.


The caravan moves to a new tile each round. An encounter is calculated based on icons present on the Encounter Tile, as well as any matching adjacent tiles. 

The story of the tile and encounter is read, and players decide how they will overcome the obstacle.

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Setup Web.gif

Setup is easy!


1. Pick a Faction


2. Place the seven starting tiles at random


3. Place 3 Horde tokens on any three tiles to start the chase


4. RUN!

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Movement Web.gif

Each turn, pick one adjacent tile to travel to.

1. Place three new tiles next to your new Encounter Tile

2. Move the horde to follow you

3. Remove the three tiles that no longer touch your tile

4. Calculate challenges

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Encounter Web.gif

The icons on the Encounter Tile determine the challenges ahead of you. If any of them match adjacent tiles, the difficulty goes up!

Determine the type of Challenges, then open the Encounter Book to read the story and see what you must overcome to keep going forward!

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Survivors will make its debut on Kickstarter on May 15th. Sign up to be notified of its release (Click the 'K' to the left), and follow our Facebook for more consistent updates!

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