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Mooney Bin Entertainment (formerly Mad Moon Rackets) has a variety of ways to pass time and provide fun for you and your friends. Check out our Games and Writing sections for a Tabletop RPG, One Shot Larp, and a Mystery/Thriller novel

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Tomorrow Dies Today - Board Game

Tomorrow Dies Today - One Shot Larp

Made Men - Welcome to the Family - Tabletop RPG

Touched - Mystery/Thriller Novel


How Can We Entertain You?

We are currently listed on several platforms including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lulu, Apple Books, and DriveThruRPG. Please take a look at the products below, and click to be brought to a page with more details!

1920's Mafia Tabletop RPG. Extort the city and establish dominance over other crime families.

A One Shot Larp that provides great entertainment for 2-4 hours. 10 friends will take on the role of a Supervillain and his top 9 henchmen bent on global domination.

A thriller/mystery novel about a man who can glean hidden truths from a brief interaction, and a woman with a keen, analytical eye. The two have mysteries in their lives and the ability to help each other solve them.

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