Nuke it From Orbit

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Nuke it from orbit

4X tabletop RPG


Build a ship and eXplore the galaxy

eXploit local resources and build a colony

eXpand your territory and political might

Raise an army to eXterminate all threats


Custom mechanics allow you to focus your campaign on the aspects of fun your group craves, and ignore the stuff they don't care about


Meet the Team


Ree Soesbee

Ree Soesbee is an author, Narrative Designer, world builder, storyteller, and executive consultant to thought leaders around the world. She has authored seventeen novels in a variety of popular fantasy/sci-fi settings including Dragonlance, Guild Wars 2, Legend of the Five Rings, Star Trek, Deadlands, and Vampire: The Masquerade. Her body of work includes AAA video games, hundreds of RPG texts, multiple CCGs, and inclusion in numerous short story anthologies and literary journals.

Lead Writer

Senior Writing Team

Allie Pitchford

Alexandra Pitchford is a writer and game designer that has worked on material for Shadowrun and Vampire the Masquerade, as well as original Sci-Fi and Fantasy fiction. She lives in Australia with her partner, three cats, and WAY too many plastic miniatures.

Eric Hart

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Peter Archer

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Cat Williams is a History PhD Candidate and Teaching Fellow at the University of North Texas. She specializes in the study of ritual, sacrifice, punishment, torture, and execution as religious social control in the Roman Republic. She also researches sexism and gender bias in the Early Modern European Witch Hunts. She has several published Academic papers. Outside of Academia, Cat writes in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Supernatural genres and has one published book: TIAF: Unit Zodiac – Failure Is Not Acceptable. She has been married for 37 years and has six adult children, all of whom are geeks in some form.

Cat Williams

Jess Hartley is an award-winning freelance novelist/writer/editor/game creator, and has worked on game lines such as the World of Darkness, Blue Rose, 7th Sea, and the Dresden Files RPG. She also works as a professional Game Master, teaching tabletop roleplaying games as a therapeutic tool for mental health professionals.

In her spare time, Jess loves to cook and bake, collects fairy tales and folklore, and is an avid LARPer.


Jess lives in the Pacific Northwest, with her beloved tactical support Viking and a whole menagerie of other interesting creatures.

Jess Hartley

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Rob Vaux

Writing Team

Alexis Dyer

Alexis Starmer Dyer is a former Graphic Designer, starting over to follow her passion as a writer. She is devoted to the future of what can be. With two bachelor’s degrees, this project is her first entry into the professional field of writing and game building.

Alexis lives in Colorado, where if you don’t like the weather, all you need do is wait a few hours. She brings a husband, daughter, and two puppies for the ride. Just don't ask her to drive. She uses a broom since her daughter took the car.

Chris Turco

Charles Ashe writes horror, drama, science fiction and fantasy, including the novels "Spiral" and "The Devil's Hourglass." He has been a gamer most of his life, focusing on Vampire/The Old World of Darkness and Battletech. He also co-founded the Abyss Stage & Screen in Florida, which just wrapped production on its first film.

Damian Arteaga

Damian Arteaga is a writer and actor with his main focus on the theatre stage. He has written several plays, and starred in many musicals. Recently he has been delving into the Tabletop world in DnD, even being featured on twitch in TwitchSlaysDnD. He is currently at Cal State University Fullerton pursuing a double major in Chicano Studies and Theatre with an emphasis in Playwriting. Damian plans to share his ideas and help usher the next generation of storytellers.

Ian Travis

Ian Travis was introduced to role playing games as a teenager and has been a lost cause ever since. He has dabbled in several games, ranging from Dungeons & Dragons to the sundry facets of the World of Darkness and several in between, with a laundry list of movies, comics, books, and shows to ruin trivia night.

Vincent Tovar

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Lex is a writer, editor, and model. She has published the first two books of her Huntress Saga, and has a number of small-scale games in development. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch as @a_redhead_vixen


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Chris Egbert

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Jeff Dahl