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Tomorrow Dies Today

This One Shot Larp is designed to entertain 10+ players, with an additional person acting as the Narrator. The group will take on the roles of a Supervillain and his top 9 Henchmen, with additional players taking on the roles of lesser henchmen. The world is ripe for the taking, and General Goodman intends to capitalize on the opportunity. But something isn’t right… someone is betraying the organization.

The group has a few hours to organize the release of General Goodman’s Doomsday Device and ferret out the traitor before they destroy the organization from within.


Cast of Characters

The Villains of Tomorrow Dies Today


Some people are born socialites. They can instinctively win over crowds and woo members of the opposite sex… Archibald is not one of those people. In exchange for his social inadequacies, Archibald was blessed with a gifted mind for science. Over the years Archibald has designed a great many evil devices for General Goodman.

Archibald Kluge

How Does The Game Work?

Mechanics and Setup

Simple Mechanics

The rules can be learned in minutes! 

The focus of the game is on the roleplay, not mechanics. Using a simple, custom rule set, characters are able to initiate challenges and accomplish tasks in seconds. In summary, a character has four Attributes:





To accomplish a Physical, Social, or Mental task, the character spends two points of the appropriate attribute. Willpower can be spent to replenish spent Attributes. 


"I spend two Mental Traits to pick this door's lock."

"I spend two Social Traits to get you to talk to me."

"I spend two Physical Traits to dodge an incoming attack."

"I spend one Willpower to get one Physical Trait back.'

Various equipment/character abilities can modify the cost to use/defend against such actions, but if you understand the above, the hard part is over!

Azura Boris.JPG
Emerson Action.JPG

Individual Backstories and Goals

Each character has their own unique backstory and goals. This helps you get in the character's head, costume appropriately, and gives you a guided list of things to accomplish during the game.

In addition, each character has their own reasons to betray the organization. While the Narrator will only pick one character to act on that betrayal, each one has a unique story of why they've turned, and a new set of goals that will help them undermine General Goodman's dastardly plans.


The Narrator is in charge of setting the stage and managing the game. Fortunately, we have a chapter dedicated to help you with this. 

The Narrator section gives details of information you will need to know about various characters and their motivations, props that are recommended to help set the stage, and suggested labels/layouts to organize the playing area.

With a little planning and minimal props, the Narrator can set the stage for an amazing experience for their players.

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Where to Buy

Currently Tomorrow Dies Today is only available in PDF and eBook format through DriveThruRPG and Amazon. The PDF bundle comes with individual character files, allowing the Narrator to easily distribute characters out to players prior to game. The eBook cannot be split apart due to formatting restrictions.

A physical copy may be available soon, but take it from the writer, the PDF version is much more convenient :D

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