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First thing's first... what kind of game do you want to play?



4-7 Players

Competitive with Cooperative Elements

One player takes on the role of General Goodman with the sole task of managing his organization to the success of his Doomsday Plan. Goodman has no squads on the board, however, so he must work through his henchmen. Goodman must be a strategist, negotiator, resource manager, and a mentor to newer henchmen... err, players.

The rest of the players take on the roles of Goodman's top henchmen, each with their own strengths and triggers that disgruntle them. While they must work together in the beginning, Henchmen will find themselves growing more independent as they recruit Faceless Henchmen from the world to bolster their Squads. Now they must help Goodman achieve his evil plan, all the while standing out as the most prestigious villain of his organization.



1-6 Player



Join together and execute General Goodman's Doomsday Plan before the time runs out. This game is 100% cooperative, allowing players to focus on the strategy and resource management aspects of the game without the need for negotiation and treachery. (Goodman is not playable in this version)





2-6 Players

Team vs. Team

2-3 teams set out to become the most villainous presence in the world to attract the attention of General Goodman. Mayhem focuses more on the competitive aspect of the game, encouraging cat and mouse games and strategic thinking. (Goodman is not playable in this version)

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