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Tomorrow Dies Today - One Shot Larp

This One Shot Larp is designed to entertain 10+ players, with an additional person acting as the Narrator. The group will take on the roles of a Supervillain and his top 9 Henchmen, with additional players taking on the roles of lesser henchmen. The world is ripe for the taking, and General Goodman intends to capitalize on the opportunity. But something isn’t right… someone is betraying the organization.

The group has a few hours to organize the release of General Goodman’s Doomsday Device and ferret out the traitor before they destroy the organization from within.

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Tomorrow Dies Today - The Board Game

Strategy, negotiation, and ruthless efficiency will be needed for the next evil overlord to take over the world.


While in the final stages of production, three game modes promise fun for any table. Play cooperatively, team vs. team, or a competitive co-op game where the Supervillain and Henchmen strike a tenuous balance of partnership and self interest.

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Made Men - Welcome to the Family

While Made Men is listed on multiple platforms, it is on the best seller list of DriveThruRPG!

The Roaring 20’s were defined by jazz music, flappers, zoot suits, prohibition, and mafias capitalizing on vices unavailable to the public through legal means. Join an established mafia family, or start your own, and establish control over Port Rapture through extortion rackets, illegal businesses, intimidation and murder.

This Tabletop RPG runs on a d10 system that encourages unique character customization.


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A Mystery/Thriller Novel

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A One Shot Supervillain Parlor Larp

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